Dutch John's Wines
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North Central Washington
Wine Awards


2006 Great Northern Red - Gold Medal

2007 Sryah - Gold Medal

2006 Cabernet Sauvignon - Silver Medal

2007 Merlot - Bronze Medal

Melomel - Bronze Medal

Dutch John's Wines
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Riverside International Wine Awards


2005 Great Northern Red - Bronze Medal

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon - Bronze Medal

Dutch John Recieves Excellent from Wine Press Northwest

2005 Private Reserve Merlot | Milbrandt Syrah2005 Riverbend Syrah | 2004 Chardonnay

05 Private Reserve Merlot made it into the **Excellent** Category:

“We aren't quite sure what the story is with this young Wenatchee, Wash., winery - or even who Dutch John is. But he's making some fine Merlot in his first effort. This red opens with aromas of pomegranates, raspberries and vanilla, followed by smooth, round flavors of cherries and even huckleberries. A pleasing, well-balanced wine."

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In their recent release wine reviews:

"Dutch John's Private Reserve 2005 Milbrandt Syrah **Recommended**

For Dutch John's Syrah, grapes were sourced from Milbrandt fruit from the Wahluke Slope. The oak influence in this rustic release is obvious. There also are dense notes of black fruit and black pepper along with a sense of smoked meat that bodes willfor barbecued ribs.

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“Dutch John's Private Reserve 2005 Riverbend Syrah **Excellent**

As the story goes, a German immigrant Dutch John was the first winemaker in Wenatchee, Wash., and planted 20 acres of vineyard along Stemilt Creek in Malaga. Almost 150 years later, Thorsen Wines produced a Syrah chocked full of juicy blackberries, black pepper, bulk cherries and shaved chocolate.

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“Dutch John's Private Reserve 2004 Chardonnay **Recommended**.

A new winery in Wenatchee, Wash., tailors this in the buttery style, and it gets better with each sip you take. There's plenty of oak, then pineapple, precut apples. Inside, it starts round with woodchips and popcorn, followed by yellow grapefruit flavors and clarified butter in the finish."

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